Thursday, September 13, 2007

New USB Squibkey: Promotional Non-FlashDrive Device

USB SQUIB™ Web Key Flash Drive E-mail

The birth of a "smarter" usb promotional web key flash drive token!

ImageThe Beta version of the first "web key" idea has finally given birth to a new marketing usb web key flash drive token! This tiny giant has earned it's status as the most successful and savvy innovative promotional tool the market has ever seen. The newly released USB SQUIB™ Web Key flash drive is leaving marketing directors and promotional entrepreneurs asking "What just happened?" and "Why didn't someone think of this earlier?"

iNETready Communications, inc., of La Jolla, California, researched and developed this timely marketing dynamo as a prototype 3 years ago. The amazing promotional value and easy usability of the USB SQUIB™ Web Key flash drive advertising device is nothing short of stellar! Due to a growing and immediate need to drive, capture and track targeted traffic to web sites, iNETready's research team spent years testing the SQUIB™key's "true functional potential", which includes the user friendly, effective value added invested SQUIBtrack™ ROI features.

By integrating USB OEM plug-in hardware with iNETready's™ S.m.a.r.t.™ technology, the digital fuse was lit, which has set off the first truly intelligent promotional explosion to ever hit the World Wide Web!

What is a Web Key Flash Drive?

This promotional USB flash drive keychain is a great way of getting people to remember your logo, yet it saves the trouble of remembering a lengthy URL. When integrated with the new S.m.a.r.t.™ Campaign Response Web-to-Lead Marketing Software, there is unlimited advertising and promotional value with the SQUIB™ Web Key flash drive! Just Plug the Webkey flash drive token into a USB port and your pre-programmed website automatically launches -- just like magic! If you've read Harry Potter, you'll appreciate this Muggle equivalent of the Portkey.

A standard Webkey flash drive is a low cost alternative to USB flash memory devices, and an effective way of promoting your company, new product launch, training material, or recruitment campaign. It's available in a high-tech silver metallic finish in your choice of shapes.

A standard Webkey flash drive is pre-programmed with the URL (up to 200 characters) that you provide. Every device is guaranteed to be virus free.

What is a SQUIB™ Key Flash Drive?

The SQUIB™ web key non-flash drive is revolutionary cutting-edge, money saving, cost effective promotional marketing device. The SQUIB™ web key non-flash drive is a brandable, reprogrammable usb web key that consumers can "plug-in direct" to their personal computers and interact in a results-driven, trackable promotional campaign lead tracking relations management database.

The SQUIB™ web key non-flash drive is remotely reprogrammable, utilizing the SQUIBware™ marketing campaign application. The SQUIBtrack™ ROI feature functions similar to how a television network tracks commercial ad campaigns, using interactive ad intelligence from your own web site.

Profits are soaring for clients that are now able to cash-in on real-time sales leads, score demographics and use that data to gauge campaign success! The new SQUIB™ technology makes all this possible while running your latest promotion directly to a selected audience.

iNETready's SQUIB™ web key non-flash drive is transforming the buyer's experience into a unique and fun adventure that they enjoy. Many promoters are catching on by offering customers exclusive incentives and innovative prizes, to reward them for viewing current promotions.

Potential customers can accumulate reward points and cash-in on the fun by returning to participate in the ongoing promotions you create. Sales soar by offering customers the opportunity to personally interact with your ad campaign who have a chance to win prizes and gifts! The SQUIB™ web key flash drive grants your company complete control over what your customers watch, read and hear on your website's promotion.

Discover the smartest interactive advertising web key flash drive that will turn your browsers into buyers!

Turn the key to increase your sales and drive profits! Marketing studies show that people want to buy, but they don't feel comfortable being sold. The SQUIB™ web key flash drive allows potential customers to interact on the internet in a trusted manner and feel comfortable, and this has created an unprecedented insurgence in profits by increasing the Value Per Visit (VPV) by as much as 1300%!!!

Click on the link to read about How the SQUIBkey™ Flash Drive Works.

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